The Proficient Auto Story

It was a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon in May of 2004 when my brother and I, at the age of 15 years old, decided to leave home.

We packed three bags of clothes and some personal items then headed out the door, down the street to Brassfield elementary school.

After making a call to an older friend who had a car, we patiently waited for him to arrive for what seemed to be one of the most interminable waits of our life.

Getting into Colby’s red, beat-up 1989 4Runner that afternoon marked the beginning of the rest of our lives.

For the next few years, we would work in between sales jobs at the mall and get involved in activities that, at the time, were frowned upon and dangerous.

One afternoon after five years of living a crazy lifestyle and kissing death on multiple occasions, I sat quietly in my room and reassessed the countless times I would put myself into dangerous situations and how, miraculously, I would always find safe passage. The one factor that remained constant was God.

I understood that I was not supposed to be here. I realized that it was not only a blessing to be alive but an honor. God saw something in me that was worth letting live.

That afternoon, at the age of 20 years old, I asked God for his guidance and that He give me an opportunity to provide for myself and my family when I had one, but also allow me to make a difference in the world. I could not continue to accept the past and future blessings without giving back.

Three months after this request, my high school friend Nick Van Orden returned from NASCAR tech. While we were hanging out one-day discussing auto repair, I asked if he would fix cars at people’s houses if I could generate the business.

With my trunk full of tools, a free craigslist ad, and Nick in the passenger seat, we traveled through Raleigh fixing cars.

In that first week, we generated $3k in labor sales and, assisted multiple people from all walks of life.

I began to realize how powerful automotive repair could be and that God may be giving me a sign.

Now I wake up every day to accomplish two things:

  1. Provide for my family.
  2. Change the world.

To accomplish both of these goals, I created a business that would provide me the opportunity to earn a profit and give me a direct connection to people from all backgrounds.

Proficient Auto Mobile Mechanics was founded.

Since its creation, my team and I have worked, with passion, to make auto repair more affordable and convenient for the people, while enhancing the way the industry compensates their team members.

In an industry where employees are taken advantage of and underpaid, compensating our team members 50% more than the industry standard allows them to build a thriving career and save for retirement.

Additionally, we save our customers 30–50% on a necessity. The more money our customers save on their car repair, the more money they can invest back into their savings and local economy.

Imagine if we can change the world by coming together and conducting business with a purpose. By Working together, we can utilize automotive repair to revitalize our local and global economies.

We would appreciate the opportunity to EARN your business.

 -Car Care with a Conscience


Don’t Take Our Word for It


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“These guys are great! Honest and efficient. I had been run off the road and my car left damaged while the other driver fled the scene. These guys came to my house fixed what needed to be fixed, then saved me some money by sending me to the dealership to get the rest fixed by my warranty that I completely forgot I even had. That’s good business! I will be telling everyone I know about these guys, quick, reliable, professional, and honest. There’s nothing else like that out there!”

April 2017


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“As another reviewer said I wish there were more than 5 stars! Had diagnosed and repaired quickly and reasonably priced. I did not have to have it towed or wait around. What a wonderfull service. I am going to call them first for all of my repairs! Thank you. Proof there are still honest, hardworking businessman and they are found here.”

June 2017

 "Car Care With A Conscience"

At Proficient Auto Mobile Mechanics we believe in "Car Care with a Conscience". This entails building lifetime relationships with our customers while providing honest, convenient and affordable auto repair. When and where you need us.

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